This Ultimate Travel Guide is packed with all the tips on the things to do in Canggu. Be it surfing, CrossFit, yoga, eating out, shopping, coworking, day trips and many more.

Bali is my base for many reasons, world-class surfing, world-class CrossFit gym, awesome and relatively cheap cafes, beautiful beaches, friendly and multicultural community, plenty of things to do, etc. The first time I’ve been here was in 2014 and ever since then I just can’t get enough and keep coming back. So I have plenty of knowledge, read tips and tricks, to drop your way! 😉 

Bali holds a special place in my heart. It’s a place I currently call home. When I first moved here, I lived in Uluwatu, an Ungasan area. But, now I live in Canggu. However, more often than not I find myself back in Ulu.

If you are a CrossFitter or a fitness enthusiast Canggu is da place to be! It is booming with awesome workout places! However, if you are a surfer then you wanna stay in Bukit, especially Uluwatu! They have world-class surf conditions all year round!


One of the best places to base yourself for your stay in Canggu is Berawa or Batu Bolong. These are both sought after neighborhoods by tourists and are often busy and a bit hectic. If you are like me and like a quiet environment with less traffic and more greenery than you might want to consider staying in Pererenan, an area that is constantly evolving and is on the rise! In a few years, it is supposed to be next Canggu!


The most strategic location is Berawa. It has easy access to Seminyak, Batu Bolong (via famous Canggu Shortcut), Pererenan (via Canggu and Pererenan Shortcuts), Umalas (via Umalas Shortcut), Kerobokan (via Umalas Shortcut) and Ubud. In other words, wherever you wanna go you have it kind of close.

My Canggu’s favorite beach Berawa Beach and sunset hangout spots Naked Coconut and Agung’s are only 5-10 minutes drive on a scooter. Well, depending on where in Berawa you stay. Berawa is also full of amazing cafes, restaurants, and shops. It is oftentimes busy, as it is often crowded with tourists and bikes.


Batu Bolong, is the second-best place to base yourself! It has even more cafes, restaurants, and shops than Berawa! However, it is somewhat missing Berawa’s strategic location. It is close to Jl. Padang Linjong, an area between Batu Bolong and Pererenan, that is rapidly on a rise with new shops, cafes and restaurants opening on a monthly basis.

Two surfs spots Batu Bolong and Echo Beach are within  5-10 minutes drive on a scooter. Plus in the neighborhood, you will also find the famous Old Man’s Club and The Lawn. Just next to Old Man’s you will find out favorite beach hangout spot with bean bags. Similarly, as Berawa it is often crowded with tourists and bikes, so is often busy. 


Pererenan is my favorite location! It is quiet with a lot of greenery, easy access to Batu Bolong and Berawa and way much less traffic! There’s a few really cool cafes and restaurants with more and more opening up! Do you wanna know a secret? Front Cafe has the best coffee in the area! With Macro Kitchen close second!

Pererenan Beach has the best surf spots! One with right-hander and one with the left-hander! The left-hander is located right in front of the Pererenan statue and is probably less known. The right-hander is located between Echo Beach and the left-hander.

The whole area is undergoing development. Since last year the Pererenan Beach is connected with Echo Beach through a bridge and more developments along the coast are planned. As a result, the area is predicted to be next Canggu in a few years time.


These days Canggu is the place to be! It is booming with tourists, digital nomads, digital entrepreneurs, spiritual gurus, personal coaches, Instagramers, Youtubers, and others making dough online.

Not only does it have amazing cafes, restaurants, and beach clubs, it is also known as fitness center of Bali. Hence, there’s plenty of things for you to do. In the following paragraphs, you will find all the tips on what to do in Canggu and other things to do in Bali, such as day trips to Ubud, waterfalls and many more.


It has the best and the most cafes and restaurants on the island! Gluten-free? Vegan? Vegetarian? Lactose intolerant? No problem they’ve got you covered! Bali is the easiest place on Earth to eat healthy! Plus the food there is so delicious and the coffee is da best! You know the expression eat with your eyes? Well, it is spot on here in Bali! As all the food comes in the best presentation, it is so Instagram ready and Instagram friendly! No wonder Canggu and Bali is the Instagramers and Youtubers heaven! 


New gyms and fitness centers seem to be popping up on the daily. So whatever your style of training you’ll definitely find your place! I personally love to train at CrossFit Wanderlust! It has a great vibe and the community there is great! The standard of gyms is equivalent to what you’ll find in Europe and the States. Hence, it shouldn’t be surprising that the prices are very similar to those too.


Canggu also has a very colorful nightlife! Unlike in some other parts of Bali, there’s so many beach clubs, clubs, and bars where you can go with your friends if you wanna have a night out! Well, obviously I’m not talking about Kuta and Seminyak, which are booming with clubs, bars, and pubs! Especially Kuta!

Kuta is the place where you go if you really wanna drink and get all fucked up! It’s full of wasted Aussies, hookers, ladyboys, and other vices! If I’m completely honest with you, I really hate Kuta! It really isn’t my cup of tea! It’s the total evil and hell! I’m trying to avoid it at all costs! The only time I would go there is to buy stuff that I can’t buy in Canggu or Uluwatu – like clothes, cosmetics, etc. 


Seems like I got a bit carried away, so back to Canggu! Canggu is also a perfect spot for day trips to Ubud, Uluwatu, waterfalls, Mt Batur trek for sunrise, Besaki Temple the oldest temple in Bali and many more!

Also, there are so many things and activities you can do out of Canggu. Like go water rafting, play with quad bikes in a jungle, downhill mountain biking and way much more!


However, if you feel like you’ve had enough of traveling and just wanna chill and unwind then Canggu has got you covered! There are so many things you can do!

You can surf or chill on one of its many beaches, go to a spa for a massage, sauna and a cold bath, or even take a jewelry class.

You can also get some shopping done in stores or hit one of the local markets. Canggu offers a wide selection of both well-established brands, designer labels and boutique island brands selling clothing, accessories and interior items. 

To make it a bit easier for you I have created this overview of things to do in Canggu:


Berawa Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Canggu cause it has it all! Black sand! One of the best surf spots in Canggu! The one and only Finn’s Beach Club! Smaller local beach bars (warungs) and chill-out spots! These smaller local bars are equipped with bean bags and umbrellas. You can find them right next to the Finns.

My favorite spots are Naked Coconut and Agung’s! They are the perfect spots to hang out with your friends, work on that famous Bali tan, and sip on a fresh cold coconut or Bintang. You can hang there throughout the whole day but the best time is the golden hour. It is the best place in Canggu to watch sunsets.


Batu Bolong Beach is ultimately considered as the heart of Canggu! It is full of cafes, restaurants, shops, and clubs! Oh and I almost forgot it has one of the best surf spots in Canggu! Especially for beginner surfers, but suitable also for intermediate and advanced surfers. It is often frequented by surf schools so it often gets crowded. 

The beach is covered in black sand. It got its color from Bali’s volcanos Mt Batur and Mt Agung. My favorite hang out spot is in local beach bars (warungs) especially on the bean bags. I just love to sip on a fresh cold coconut and watch the surfers rip the waves. You can find the local beach bar just across the street from Old Man’s. 

Old Man’s a bar located right on the beachfront. It is famous for its ‘Dirty Old’ Wednesdays and Sunday’s market, which usually takes place last Sunday of a month. Read more about the Dirty Old Wednesdays and Sunday’s Market


Echo Beach is an excellent spot for chilling, sunbathing, leisure strolls and surfing some waves! There’s a number of local beach clubs located right on the beach where you can hangout on the beanbags, grab a fresh cold coconut and watch surfers catch waves throughout the day and sunsets throughout the evening. During the sunset and nighttime, there’s a great barbecue with seafood right on the beach! Moreover, there’s also La Brisa, a beach club, located right on the small cliff overlooking the surf. 

If you want to surf but forgot your board, do not despair there is plenty of shacks with surfboards for rent and ding repairs. 


Pererenan Beach and Pererenan, in general, are the perfect places for those who enjoy peace and quiet, nature, great food, and good secluded surfing. There are so many stunning views of rice paddies. The culinary is on the rise with new restaurants and cafes opening what seems like on daily.

Just recently MacroKitchen has opened up their first cafe near the Pererenan Beach. Their food is divine! It’s got funny names which will crack you up and all the meals have a macro breakdown so you know how much carbs, protein, and fat you’re eating! Pretty cool, right? The owners are my friends so if you happen to bump into them tell them you are friends of Teresa. 😉 When there, you have to try Tutti Fruty pancakes they are the best! So freaking yummy! And coffee! And the homemade protein nut butters made by Henem!

The Perenenan beach is great for chilling, sipping on cold coconuts and Bintangs, and leisure strolls. In front of local beach bars, there’s plenty of beanbags where you can unwind and watch those famous Bali sunsets.

The beach, in general, is less crowded than Batu Bolong and Berawa, so it’s ideal for those who cherish peace and quiet. Since late 2018 there is a bridge connecting Pererenan Beach with Echo Beach, where most of the local beach bars are.


Canggu has wide selections of spas to choose from. I personally like these two spas in Canggu, AMO Spa and Lotus Massage Therapy Canggu. AMO Spa is pricier out of the two, but so worth going and paying the money. It is suitable primarily for those seeking the whole holistic experience. By many, it is perceived as the best spa in Bali. 

I usually go for 60min Rejuvenate Me massage, a fusion of deep tissue and pressure point massage! As a bonus, you’ll get a cleansing cucumber mask! Totally worth 230k IDR.

If you have GU GUIDE app, you might get lucky and get in-store reward a free AMO Spa Sauna Day Pass valued at 260k IDR. With this pass, you will get access to sauna, jacuzzi and ice baths. Perfect as a recovery treatment.

For massage in Lotus Massage Therapy, I go either to their spa on Batu Bolong or Echo Beach, whichever is closer or have spots available. The Batu Bolong tends to be slightly cheaper tho. I usually go for Bali Deep Tissue massage or Surfers back. Both being deep tissue massages. After all the training and my active lifestyle, I like stronger massages. Especially of my trapezius. Here you will not get the whole holistic experience as in AMO Spa, but the spa is nice and clean. For 60min massage, I tend to pay 160k-180k IDR. 


Whether you’ve been looking into jewelry classes for a while or just want to create something beautiful and long-lasting with your bare hands then you’ve got to take a jewelry class in Canggu Jewelry Classes. I cannot recommend them enough.

There are a few packages available. You can either do a half-day or a full day of silversmithing or a six-hour wax carving class. The price per class is on average $95, an equivalent of 1.25M IDR. The price includes all materials, tools, and 10g of silver per person. 

During the silversmithing class, you will learn the basics of metalsmithing and make your own piece of silver jewelry using traditional techniques. If you have a design you would like to make bring it with you. The class is ideal for beginners.

During the wax carving class, you will learn the basics of wax carving and make your own piece of sculptural jewelry in wax using traditional hand-carving tools. Same as in the case of silversmithing class, if you have a design you would like to make bring it with you. The class is ideal for beginners.


Yoga is very popular in Bali! Consequently, there are so many yoga studios, it is almost impossible to choose one! So let me make it a bit easier for you. I personally like Samadi Bali and Odyssey MVMT. While my friend swears by Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga.


Samadi Bali might be the best yoga place in Canggu! Not only do they have awesome yoga classes, but they also offer yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in Bali. Apart from traditional yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa they also offer Yin, Tantric, Fly High, Movement Lab, and Mysore yoga.

The price per drop-in class starts at 140k IDR and the monthly unlimited pass is at 2.4M IDR. After the class, you can stop at their creative kitchen for some healthy vegetarian foods. The kitchen emphasizes organic and natural foods.


Odyssey MVMT is more than just a yoga studio. It brings you yoga and functional fitness under one roof. If you wanna know more about the functional element scroll down, if you wanna know more about yoga keep on reading.

They offer a variety of yoga classes. At first, it might be a bit difficult to crack the naming, so let me help you. Odyssey Surge is pretty much Power Vinyasa, Oddysey Soul is Heart-Centered Vinyasa Flow, Odyssey Essence is Hatha yoga, Odyssey Breeze is what is commonly known as Yin Yoga and Odyssey Horizon is Advanced Vinyasa. In general, their yoga classes are here to help you align your body with your mind. 

The price per drop-in class starts at $11 and the monthly unlimited pass is at $130. They also offer 10 class pack for $86 valid for three months, a nice option for those who are not yoga enthusiast but wanna do yoga every once in a while.


Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga offers classes for all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. Apart from traditional yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa they also offer Yin, Power Yoga, Detox Flow, Mindful Flow, Fly High, Sunset Flow, Aerial Yoga, and Sunrise Flow yoga.

The price for the drop-in class is 120k IDR and the monthly unlimited pass is at 2.2M IDR. They also offer 20 class pack for 1.6M IDR valid for two months, a nice option for those who are not yoga enthusiast but wanna do yoga every once in a while.

They also offer private yoga classes starting at 500k IDR per 1 person. The price decreases with the number of people. For example, for four-plus people, the price is 250k IDR. 


Canggu being all hip and trendy has the best markets in Bali. To ease your market hopping I have put together this Canggu’s market guide. 


Love Anchor, a small bazaar with stalls on Batu Bolong, where you can buy beachwear, straw bags and handbags, wooden homeware, jewelry, and many more. It is common to bargain here. So don’t be afraid to do it, because why pay more when you can pay less? The opening hours are daily from 8 am until 11:59 pm. Whereas, on Weekends Bazaar it is open from 9 am – 5 pm.


La Laguna Gypsy Market open twice a month from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm is the perfect place if you are looking for to buy fruits, veggies, clothing, bags, and artistic creations, handcrafted and homegrown items by local vendors. On top of that, the market is accompanied by activities and entertainment. 


Old Man’s Sunday Market takes place every last Sunday of the month (check their Instagram for exact date). It is open from 8:00am until 3:00pm. The bar changes into a market with pastries, organic skincare products, jewelry, clothing, etc. You can find Old Man’s on Jl. Batu Bolong right next to the Batu Bolong beach. 


Samadi Bali Sunday market on Jl. Padang Linjong is open only on Sundays from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. It is closed on other days. You can buy there veggie, fruits free from GMO and pesticides, healthy drinks and snacks, as well as self-made products such as cosmetics, oils, clothing, and jewelry. In addition, they have a cafe on-site too. Don’t forget to try it. They serve a delicious breakfast and lunch.


Alternative Beach is the newest hangout spot in Canggu with fake sand beach and an amazing swim-up pool bar, swing, and slide. It has a superb location just slightly off of the main road Jl. Batu Bolong with always something going on.

On Monday evening there’s a movie night. Whereas, on Wednesdays, there’s a wine Wednesday with DJ dropping the beats and a glass of wine for 40k IDR. On Thursdays, they have from 6 pm yoga sunset session for free and from 7 pm they have Salsa Night with 3 for 1 margarita, 60k IDR tacos, quesadilla and nachos, and free salsa class. While on Sundays, they have BBQ for 150k IDR. And as if this was not enough they have from 3 pm to 6 pm daily happy hour 2 for 1 drinks.

Oh, and I have almost forgotten to mention there’s Wanderlust Fitness Studio on-site where you can get all sweaty, or maybe not unlike CrossFit Wanderlust it does have an AC. Furthermore, there’s also a cafe on-site with some delicious options, and Kosone Hostel and Canggu Villa Accommodation with private rooms. 


Mother Huckers Axe Club is an urban axe-throwing club in Seminyak. If you think that throwing an axe is an activity reserved to lumberjacks or characters in classic Westerns then think again. It is a fun social activity, which is best enjoyed in a group of friends. Upon arrival, you will be given basic safety orientation and induction to the axe-throwing technique.

The price is 200k IDR per person for 1-2hrs depending on the size of your group. There are five lanes with two targets in each. I recommend you to make a booking in advance to secure your spot. Nonetheless, walk-ins are allowed. Piece of advice, wear enclosed shoes. If you forget do not despair you can rent some on site. Oh, O almost forgot, there’s a bar on the premises too. 


There are few places in Canggu with outdoor movie nights. Dreamsea and Alternative Beach are one of them. Usually, the movies they screen are not A-list movies, but who knows maybe you get lucky.

Every Thursday there’s a Garden Movie Night at Dreamsea Canggu. The entry is free so is the popcorn. There’s a special combo burger plus a drink for 100k IDR, but if you fancy something else you can order from their menu.

Every Monday between 7 pm and 9 pm there’s a Movie Night at Alternative Beach. Each week they are screening a different movie. The entry is free. You can buy popcorn for 15k IDR with all proceeds going towards charity. 


Wanna spoil yourself with clothing, jewelry, bags, and other accessories? Wanna buy a workout gear? Then you are in the right place. Canggu shopping is heaven. One of the best shopping in Bali. It’s got it all, from well-established brands and designer labels to boutique island brands. Scroll down to my complete guide to Canggu fashion stores.


Tanah Lot is one of the important landmarks and sought after tourist locations in Bali, especially by those staying in Canggu area. It is well known for its unique offshore rock settings and the ancient Hindu pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot (pura = temple, tanah lot = land in the sea). The temple was built to worship Varuna, the Hindu god of the sea and celestial ocean, in order to invoice prosperity and balance between earth and ocean. It is one of the seven ocean temples on the coast of Bali that form a fortress of some sort to guard Bali against bad vibes and evil spirits. 

The best time to visit Tanah Lot would be during Odalan, which usually takes place around Galungan and Kuningan, one of the most important Bali’s religious ceremonies. Thousands of worshippers gather here for prayers. They wear their finest clothes and carry large baskets of offerings.

When in Tanah Lot you want to stay for Kecak fire dance, another attraction not to be missed, which starts usually after sunsets around 6:30 pm. The Kecak dance is performed by approx. 150 performers wearing checked cloths and masks. They chant “cak” and move their hands and arms. It has roots in sanghyang, a trance-inducing exorcism dance. The dance depicts a battle from Ramayana, where Hanuman helped Prince Rama to fight evil King Ravana. You can buy the ticket in Tanah Lot Temple ticket booth. 


Joshua District is a creative complex made out of shipping containers set in rice fields with sea view. It is approximately 12km west of Canggu. There isn’t much in the area. It is still very undeveloped and untouched by tourists. Within their portfolio, you’ll find restaurant, gallery, fashion concept store, coworking space both for individuals and teams, and a number of villas. The community promotes a sustainable lifestyle and environmental awareness. 

It is defo worth visiting for the settings. You can have a meal overlooking the rice fields, get some Insta pictures and stroll down to an almost empty beach for some sun rays and sunset. 


There are so many fantastic things for you to do and places to visit in Ubud and its neighboring areas. There are so many beautiful walks through nature, so many amazing yoga classes, so many delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants, so many stunning waterfalls and many more. But don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Here are the best things to do in Ubud that you cannot miss.


Tegenungan Waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Bali and definitely one you don’t want to miss out on. It is commonly known as Ubud waterfall and by many perceived as the best waterfall in Bali. As with all the major attractions in Bali, you will arrive at a parking lot from which you will walk down the pathway. First, you will pass many souvenir shops and then you will arrive at a valley surrounded by lush greens. As you will continue to walk to the waterfall you will pass a few viewpoints and Bali typical photo spots, such as bird nest, heart, etc. 

As you make your way to the valley, you will first reach Baby Tegenungan Waterfall, which makes a cozy photo opportunity and an opportunity to cool off. After a few minutes, you will reach Tegenungan Waterfall. The water volume is enormous and can be quite dirty and dangerous following storms. That’s usually when swimming is not allowed. Hence, plan accordingly. There are two platforms connected by a bamboo bridge from which you can watch and take photos of the Tegenungan Waterfall. There’s a small pond on the edge of the Tegenungan waterfall, in which you can soak in. The entrance fee is 15k IDR.


Campuhan Ridge Walk is 9km long hill track that is best enjoyed at sunrise or sunset, when the temperature is mild and when the golden lights make for the best photos. The hike takes around 2-3 hours, but you can make it as short or as long as you want. There is no entrance fee.

The track stretches on a paved trail so no hiking shoes are required. However, do not forget to pack water, snacks, sunscreen, and mosquito spray. The best starting point is the Warwick IBAH villas and spa. The track passes over a green valley with stunning scenery of jungle and forest rather than of rice fields or rice terraces. 


Tegalalang Rice Terraces are one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in Bali! The terraces are located half an hour north of Ubud in an altitude of 600m above sea level. The entrance fee varies based on where you enter, the price is usually between 10k-50kIDR. The best time to visit is early in the morning or late afternoon, when the temperature is mild and when the soft light makes for the best pictures.

The terraces are renowned for its breathtaking landscape. You can venture down the stairs and hike through the rice field terraces that are still maintained by subak, the traditional Bali water management system for paddy fields. You can also visit one of the cafes located on the edge of the rice fields, where you can enjoy your coffee and snacks while soaking in the view of the stunning rice terraces.


Monkey Forest is one of the most popular things to do on the island of Gods. It is a natural forest sanctuary that is home to macaques and other 186species. The sanctuary offers walks along paved pathways through a leafy nutmeg forest. It is located directly in the center of Ubud. The entrance fee is 80k IDR for adults and 60k IDR for children and its opening hours are every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

Even though the little macaques might look all cute they can easily become territorial and aggressive. It is not a secret that people have been bitten by monkeys in Monkey Ubud Forest. So stay alert and be aware of the surroundings. Do not touch them and feed them. If you get bitten by a monkey, seek out medical help immediately. Rabies is a serious thing in Bali and can be fatal if immediate action is not taken.


Pura Tirta Empul is one of the most popular temples in Bali. The temple is sought after destination by tourists mainly because of its holy water spring and pool. As it is one of the sacred sites in Bali, you will need to wear a sarong before entering the premises. If you don’t have one don’t worry you can borrow one at the entrance. Entrance fee is 15k IDR for adults and 7.5k IDR for children. Schedule at least half an hour up to an hour to explore the entire site. 

If you would love to do the purification ritual known as melukat, be aware that there are long lines of worshippers waiting to dip their heads under the water spouts. There are altogether thirty waterspouts in two sacred purification pools. Each worshiper starts at the first spout on the left side of the pool. Once the worshipers cleanse themselves under the first spout they move to the next one. This process goes on until they have cleansed themselves under each waterspout. Please note that there are two waterspouts meant for cleansing of the death and are prohibited to be used by the living. I recommend you to hire a guide on-site to walk you through the steps.

Holy water known as Tirta, has three different purposes. The first one is Tirta Gering to cleanse from bad or evil spirits. The second is Tirta Merta for prosperity. The third one is Tirta Sudhamala to purify body and soul


Mt Batur Sunrisetrek is one of the favorite tourist activities in Bali. Favored especially by those who love to stay active during their holidays. Mt Batur is the second active volcano in Bali after Mt Agung. Before you get all excited and start driving for the famous Mt Batur sunrise here are all the essentials that you need to know.

It is not possible to trek Mt Batur without a guide. Even if you decide to drive to Mt Batur yourself you will need to get yourself a guide. So it makes more sense to buy the whole tour. I use Bayu Mount Batur and I can highly recommend them. The price is between 450k-500k depending on the number of people.

The price includes:
– Transport to and from your accommodation
– Full guided tour
– Coffee break at coffee plantations with swing Bali and rice terrace 
– A Head Torch– Water


Well, it all comes down to the level of your activity. If you are someone who is normally active, then you should find the hike quite easy. Though, if you are someone who is not very active then you will find the hike moderately difficult. Either way, you’ll make it to the top. Promise.


You are hiking a volcano so hiking shoes or solid sports shoes/ trainers are a MUST! When you’ve got these covered I recommend wearing comfortable leggings or active pants, well something you would typically wear to workout in. The temperature can be cold when hiking to the summit, after all, you are hiking to an altitude of 1,717m above sea level, so bring a sweater, hoodie or a jacket. Sometimes it can rain too so I strongly recommend bringing a waterproof jacket. It is always better to come prepared. You can always put them in the backpack if you don’t need them.


I highly recommend you to bring a small backpack where you can keep all the essentials. Your warm layers, water, and snacks. You might want to bring a headlamp too. Oh and because it is an experience that you will want to remember for a lifetime you gotta bring a camera for pictures.


Kintamani is one of the most scenic areas of Bali. It comes as no surprise that it is a favorite destination of many tourists. Particularly of those looking to stay active during the holiday. If you are looking to experience Bali from a different perspective then Kintamani Cycling Tour is just for you.

You will start your journey off beaten track in Kintamani Lake and finish at Tatag. En route, you will cycle down through forest trails, villages, plantations, rice fields, and local villages. You will enjoy refreshments in local settings. There’s a number of travel agencies organizing the tour. You might want to look at mason tour, baligoldentour or balicycling

Usually, the price includes:
– Transport to and from your accommodation
– Full guided tour
– Bike rental with helmets
– Water
– Lunch 

What to wear?
You are going to be cycling for 3-4 hours so solid sports shoes/ trainers are a MUST. When you’ve got these covered I recommend wearing comfortable leggings or active pants or shorts, well something you would typically wear to workout in.


Lovina beach is located on the black sand beaches on the north coast of Bali. Unlike the south coast of Bali, the north is quiet and more peaceful. Also, the sea is flat and calm. Might be the reason why there are dolphins in Lovina.

Dolphin watching in Lovina is one of Bali’s popular attractions. In order to watch the dolphins, you can either stay in Lovina overnight or book a tour with a pick up at your accommodation in other parts of Bali. In the case of the latter, you will want to schedule a tour with an early pick up (around 3 am depending on where you stay) at your accommodation. Nevertheless, if you are already in Lovina or don’t mind getting there on your own very early that day, then you should arrange just a boat. It will be definitely cheaper this way. In order to book the boat contact our guy Edi +62 852-3747-7172.


If you are an adrenalin junkie and enjoy driving anything on wheels like me then Quad Bike tour is for you. It’s been tourist favorite activity for a while now.

For my quad adventure, I used Bali Quad Discovery Tours. The tours take place three times a day – early morning, morning, and afternoon. The price is $99 for a driver and $59 for a passenger. You don’t have to be a super-skilled driver. All quads are fully automatic and easy to operate and to make it easy on you the groups are split into different groups based on their driving skills. The price includes transport to and from your accommodation.

All tours start from Payangan, the Ubud area. On the tour, you will get to see a wonderful and authentic part of Bali. That is to say, you will drive through rice fields, plantations, mud tracks, villages, and a jungle. As a result, you might get muddy so dress accordingly.


The Besakih temple, also known as Pura Besakih and as Bali’s ‘Mother Temple’, is considered to be the biggest and the holiest of the Bali’s Hindu temples. Irrespective of your gender in order to enter you will have to wear a sarong inside the temple.

The Besakih temple sits on the southwestern slopes of Mt Agung in an impressive high of 1,000m above sea level. Mt Agung is considered as Bali’s the most sacred and the largest active volcano. The gorgeous and impressive temple in its size is set in the breathtaking countryside with views of rice paddies, streams, Mt Agung and other hills and mountains. It consists of six different levels and more than 80 individual temples.

In 1995 it has been nominated as a World Heritage Site, but as of July 2019, it remains unvested. 

The entrance fee is 60k IDR for an adult. 


OMG, I don’t even know where to start there are SO MANY amazing places to eat out! It can be a hustle to choose where to eat! Bali and especially Canggu is food HEAVEN! It has one of the best restaurants in Bali!

It might be the most Instagrammable place on the Earth! With so many healthy options that are just Instagram ready! But brace yourself not only does the food look amazing it also tastes delicious! And no special requests or dietary restrictions are an issue! Plus the staff is super friendly always welcoming you with a smile on their faces! 

Having lived in Bali for over a year now, I have eaten out at so many Canggu restaurants and its neighboring areas! I come in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, you got that right I’m what they call a foodie! 🙈

There are only a few things that I do like more than food! Thus, it will come as no surprise that I’m actually quite a good cook and baker. Don’t wanna brag tho 😄🙈. Though since I’ve moved to Bali I rarely cook and I bitch about it, yet I cannot be bothered to go through the hustle of getting all the ingredients (which in Bali can be pretty expensive, especially western food) when the food here is so cheap.

To make your culinary experience easier, I have put together the Guide to top Canggu Restaurants.


Motion Cafe might be my favorite cafe on the island with so many healthy options and food menu to satisfy everyone’s dietary needs. Be it paleo, keto, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc. All of their food is 100% fresh, whole foods, organic, without additives and refined sugar.

Their protein waffle is to die for! You can choose your protein, base, and toppings. I usually go for whey protein, cassava flour, coconut yogurt, and berries. So freaking delicious! They also make sweet potato waffle with cassava flour and selection of sweet and savory toppings. I personally like Nutella spread with berries, yes I change banana with berries or I like to change the Nutella spread with coconut yogurt. Writing about it makes me wanna have one!

Besides the waffles, they make kickass salads! You gotta try Paleo Beef & Avocado Salad it is SO good! Or Mega Chicken Salad! Unlike other salads, they will not leave you starving.

On top of this, they have a wide selection of healthy sweets and snacks. All of which are homemade, gluten-free, dairy-free, and without refined sugar. Personally, I love their zucchini-chocolate chip muffin, paleo brownies, and paleo blueberry crumble.

Furthermore, they also do meal plans. They offer a wide range of delicious meals such as Paleo, Ketogenic, Alkaline, Shredding, Detox and more, delivered straight to your door.

One last thing they have one of the nicest and friendliest staff ever! Always very welcoming and attentive. They even remember my special requests and favorites.


Front Cafe is one of my favorite places in Pererenan and well in Canggu too! It is your typical hipster cafe. So freaking Instagramable. It is so pretty and cozy with really chilled vibes. 

They have the best coffee in Bali! They have their very own blend. It is so good. Nicely balanced with the right amount of strong. I like to come there just for coffee and to chill. Or to be productive and get shit done 💪🏼!
Besides coffee, they also have really good food. You gotta try their smashed avocado beetroot hummus toast as it might be the best toast avo on the island. Very delicious! Plus you might wanna add bacon to get that extra protein. Another to go food would be grilled chicken avocado and pesto sandwich. GF option is available, you can choose either GF potato bread or GF multigrain bread.

They carry a wide selection of pastries with gluten-free options. You have to try their gluten-free croissant made out of banana flour it is also very good.

Oh, and they have one of the nicest and friendliest staff ever. Always very attentive.


Macro Kitchen is the place if you wanna eat clean and healthy! All the meals have a macro breakdown so you know how much carbs, protein, and fat you’re eating. Pretty cool, right? All their menu is gluten-free and they have a plant-based protein option and nut milk option for those who are lactose intolerant.

In all of their meals, they do not use any processed oils and refined sugars, instead, they use cold-pressed coconut and E.V. olive oil. Plus their chicken is organic. Because they believe that quality matters as much as quantity. 

Their food is divine! It’s got funny names which will crack you up like F**k u gluten, Cheezilla, Tutti Fruity, Snickerdoodle, Conan the Destroyer, etc. When there you gotta try Tutti Fruity the best protein pancakes in Bali! Honestly, it’s a delicious piece of art. Or make your own meal from a wide selection of Carbz, Proteinz, Fatz and Fibrez!

Oh, and they also sell homemade protein nut butter made by Henem one of the owners! So yummy!

The owners, Henem and Matt, are my friends so if you happen to bump into them tell them you are friends of Teresa 😉.


Nude in Canggu is my to-go place whenever I crave burgers. They used to have charcoal buns, which were super cool, but unfortunately, they don’t have them anymore 😞. What a shame. Besides having delicious burgers they also have tasty salads.

It is a great place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, you can choose from a wide selection of healthy bowls and savory meals such as smashed avocado with poached eggs, salmon bagel, omelet, break burrito and more. 

Both for lunch and dinner you can choose from burgers, wraps, and salads. For dinner, you can also have beef steak, caribbean chicken and many more. 

I like to come there especially when I wanna be productive, get shit done 💪🏼 and have a really good coffee. It is a nice option if you don’t want to or don’t like to do coworking, but don’t want to spend your whole day in your villa either, and if you like the convenience of having your food /snack just an order away.

The whole place is very Insta friendly. They have both AC indoor sitting and outdoor sitting with fans. Not many restaurants and cafes do have indoor sitting with an AC. So it is a big plus. I prefer it especially on hot Bali days and during the rainy season.


Even though I list Kembali in the Ultimate List of Best Restaurants in Canggu it is not necessarily in Canggu. It is in Umalas, only 5 min drive from Berawa through Umalas shortcut. So technically it is in Canggu.

The reason why I list it here is that it has a chilled and cozy vibe. Plus on Friday’s the whole food menu is 50% off! Yes, you hear right! Tho you might wanna double-check with the staff if the offer is still on before you order 😉. 

Kembali has the same owners as Nude, so the menu is similar but not the same. Like Nude, it is a great place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, you can choose from a wide selection of healthy bowls and savory meals such as charcoal bagel, omelet, break burger and more. If you are having sweet tooth you can go for a waffle or a pancake.

Both for lunch and dinner you can choose from burgers, bowls, and salads. For dinner, you can also have beef steak, seared tuna and many more. My favorite is the beef steak! It is so good, so balanced!


As the name suggests it is an in house cafe of CrossFit Wanderlust. It’s a great place to start your day with a delicious yet affordable breakfast, to have a pre-workout or post-workout meal, and to have lunch.

When you are there you gotta try their The Drisk, Protein Waffles and Protein Pancakes they are one of the best you can find in Bali and one for the best price. The Drisk is a protein-packed meal of eggs, bacon, avocado, and bread. Besides great meals for good value, they also carry kick-ass coffee and a killer bulletproof coffee. On display, you can also find goodies from Motion Cafe.


Vida Cafe is the place to go when you wanna eat organic and locally produced whole food. In all of their food, they do not use any chemicals, palm oil, refined sugar, wheat flour or MSG. Yet, their food tastes fantastic! Plus they have a really friendly staff.

The cafe is strategically located on Batu Balong. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve healthy meals, raw gluten-free cakes, Ubud Raw Chocolate, locally roasted coffee, juices, and healing probiotic fermented elixirs. When you are there you have to try Summer Salad with organic chicken. It is so good! Defo one of my favorites! Surprisingly they also have really good burgers. I like their Beef Burger. 


Clear Cafe is the place to go when you wanna eat clean healthy foods and don’t mind not having poultry, beef or pork as your source of protein. The cafe is primarily vegetarian and vegan. I oftentimes joke that this is the only place where I could go vegan for a day! Because their food is just SO good! They use only natural ingredients grown locally by Balinese farmers that they personally know and trust.

Space is very nice and cozy with a very comfortable vibe. The staff is very friendly and hospitable. They have a slide and pole inside. So when you leave the restaurant you can have a little fun and slide down. Oh and the restaurant has no shoe policy, so you will be asked to leave your shoes at the entrance. So cool, dunno about you but I find it very cozy and homey.

When you are there you have to get the mint water! It is the next level! Their coconut mylk shake made of cashew nut milk and homemade vegan coconut ice cream is just heaven! Tastes like a bounty, the bar, only it’s clean with natural ingredients! And from food, hmm, you gotta try it all! Haha but honestly, it’s so difficult to pick just a few meals! But if I had to choose I’d say go for their burrito, tom yam kai, and raw lasagne.


The Loft is the place if you want to take a nice picture for Instagram. It is the Sister cafe of Bondi busiest cafe Vida Surf. It is located in the center of Batu Bolong and you cannot miss its sign “You’ll see it when you believe in it.” located on the outside wall. You can sit by and take a picture.

They have a wide selection of food both for non-vegans and vegans. The menu offers a variety of meals from burgers, bowls, pasta to waffles. Upon request gluten-free options are available. Among drinks, you will find coffee, smoothies, juices as well as teas. When there you might want to try their waffles, eggs benedict and vida bowl.


Crate Cafe is the place to go if you wanna score that Instagram picture. The place is located in Batu Bolong over rice paddies. It has an industrial vibe. Next, to the main building you can find a lounge, which tends to be quieter and the seating there is comfier.

They have a wide selection of food with an outstanding presentation. The food is good for a good value, but nothing too exciting tho. The portions are very big.

Be aware that the cafe only accepts cash and doesn’t offer table service. You can easily wait in a huge line for a dozen minutes and when you finally order you might not be able to find a free table. Not great if you want to have a chilled meal and not worry about anything.


Hungry Bird is the perfect place for breakfast and coffee! They offer a vast selection of meals at very affordable prices. You get what you pay for. The food is more like homemade food. It is nothing fancy and the presentation is average. However, the food comes out quickly and consistently, which can be a rarity in Bali. They have very good coffee. It gets busy around breakfast time.

The staff is nice and friendly and overall the atmosphere is very laid back. There’s both outdoor and indoor seating with an AC.

They have vegan and vegetarian options. However, they do not have many gluten-free options. I like to come here when I feel like I’m craving homemade food. When there try their oatmeal porridge for 27k IDR or make your own omelet and go for a flat white for 25k IDR. Compared to other places in Canggu, these prices are unbelievable, right?


If you are craving authentic Balinese or Indonesian dishes then Warung Yess is the place to go. They offer a variety of meals both from à la carte and buffet. When you order from the buffet you can choose from a wide selection of what you want to eat and you will be charged by the weight of your plate.

The warung has a very nice setting with few tables back in the garden. It is very cozy with friendly staff. When there you have to try Nasi Campur and sticky rice with mango for dessert. They also have a very good coffee.


Do you want to go surfing in Canggu? But don’t know where to find the best breaks? My boyfriend Dave has surfed most of the breaks in Bali and can easily tell you which ones are the best! 😉 Here you can find all the information about the best Canggu surf spots, surf conditions, best tide to surf and many more. And if you feel like you need more information go see my Complete Guide to Canggu Surf!


Berawa Beach in Canggu is a beautiful beach with black sand and one of the four main breaks in Canggu. favored both by tourists and surfers. There’s a lot of local beach bars with beanbags to chill out, watch surfers rip some waves and watch the sunset with cold coconut or Bintang. It depends on what you prefer. I’m defo a team cold coconut. My favorite ones are Naked Coconut and Agung’s.

It has mellow right and lefthanders that break over a mixed rocky reef out the back and sand bottom through the inside. The most fun break is the right-hander located just right of the Finns. Access to the break is straight from the shore. It oftentimes gets crowded, and you can have a lot of learners out and about. You can expect rides from 30 m to 100 m long. The waves are quite fast, but unlikely to barrel.

Thanks to Finn’s Beach Club, Berawa beach offers night surfing. Spotlights are shone into the ocean every night from 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm. It is free. The lights shine 100 m into the ocean.

Difficulty level:
All levels, especially intermediate and big boards
Side: right and left
Best Tide: high to mid, mid to high
Bottom: sand bottom with flat rocks
Wave avg. size: 2-4 ft
Best month for surfing: April, May, June, July, August
Dangers: pollution after rain, rips, large sets, crowds


Batu Bolong in Canggu is a black sandy beach located west of Berawa Beach favored both by tourists and surfers. There’s a lot of local beach bars to hang out and watch surfers rip some waves. It is also a great spot to watch the sunset with cold coconut or Bintang. Our favorites ones are just across the street from Old Man’s Bar.

It has two surf breaks – Old Man’s and Left with access straight from the shore of Batu Bolong. It is mostly frequented by beginner surfers, surf schools and longboards so it is often crowded. Both surf breaks stretch over sand and reef bottom.

Old Man’s surf break is on the other side of the channel from Batu Bolong, where wave peels slowly over a deep reef. You can expect mellow fat waves, which are easy to get. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers.

The Left is located just right in front of the road. The lefthander has fat and mellow waves, which are great for intermediate and advanced surfers. It is easy to paddle in and out. Often crowded with beginner and intermediate surfers. 

Difficulty level: All levels, especially beginners
Side: right and left
Best Tide: mid to high, high to mid
Bottom: sand and reef bottom
Wave avg. size: 3-5 ftBest month for surfing: April, May, June, July, August
Dangers: pollution after rain, rips, large sets, crowds, submerged reefs


Echo Beach in Canggu is a beautiful beach with black sand located just next to Batu Bolong. It is favored both by tourists and surfers. There’s a lot of local beach bars to chill out and watch surfers rip some waves. Besides that, it is also a great spot to watch the sunset with cold coconut or Bintang in hand. During the evening it is a great place to go for a seafood dinner.

Echo Beach has several peaks suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. With its rocky reef, it can be powerful, challenging and even barreling. The best barrels are during low tide as the wave hits the shallow reef. Word of advice is to be cautious about the reef. Watch for boils in the water as they usually indicate a submerged rock in the water. Access to the break is just straight from the shore. The lefthander works best on mid to high tide. During high tide, it gives walls to rip and lips to smack. It is considered the best lefthander in Canggu. It is often crowded.

Difficulty level: intermediate and advanced, mostly advanced
Side: left
Best Tide: mid to high, high to mid
Bottom: reef bottom
Wave avg. size: 2-4 ft
Best month for surfing: April, May, June, July, August
Dangers: pollution after rain, rips, large sets, crowds, submerged reefs


Pererenan beach is a famous beach with powerful waves. It has black sand and is located just next to Echo Beach. It is a lot quieter than Batu Bolong and Berawa and is favored primarily by surfers. There are a few local beach bars between the river mouth and Echo Beach, where you can chill in beanbags sip on a cold coconut or cold beer and watch shred waves. During the golden hour, it is a perfect place to watch the sunset.

Pererenan is considered as one of the best surf spots in Bali. It offers both left and right pointbreaks. Both have powerful, fast and oftentimes barreling waves. Its lefthander is considered the best in the area. It is best surfed from mid to high tide. It is less crowded than other surf spots in Canggu.

River Mouth is located just in front of the mouth of the river. It is a righthander with a fast and powerful wave and rippable walls.

Left pointbreak is located just in front of the statue. Best surfing conditions are between mid to high tides. It gets shallow so be cautious about submerged rocks in the water. It is hollow between low to mid tide.

Difficulty level: intermediate and advanced, mostly advanced
Side: right and left
Best Tide: mid to high, high to mid
Bottom: rocks with sand
Wave avg. size: 2-5 ftBest month for surfing: April, May, June, July, August
Dangers: pollution after rain, rips, large sets, submerged reefs


Canggu is fitness heaven, it is the best place in Bali in terms of fitness! Booming with fitness retreats. New gyms and fitness centers seem to be popping up on the daily. But finding the right workout spot can be a real challenge.

It all comes down to getting your heart pumping and your preferred style of training. The ever-growing collection of Bali gyms offers everything from HIIT, group LesMills classes, MMA, Muay-Thai, and yoga to hardcore CrossFit WODs, conventional fitness gyms, and boutique gyms. Though my jam is mainly CrossFit, especially in CrossFit Wanderlust, I’ve tried and continuously try other sports and places. Here’s my pick of Bali’s best gyms!


CrossFit Wanderlust Bali on Jl. Raya Padonan is the best CrossFit gym in Bali! Yeah, I might be a bit biased as I train there pretty much every day! Drop me a message at Insta the.teresa.day if you decide to show up. I’ll give you all the tips and tricks and might even join you for a workout. 🙂 

CrossFit Wanderlust is the largest CrossFit box in Bali! With classes such as CrossFit, Metcon, Olympic weight lifting, Movement, and Burn your heart will be definitively pumping! While  Stretch class will help you relieve that muscle soreness and improve your mobility. 

The WODs can be pretty intense and the classes get packed with CrossFitters of all levels from all over the world! The gym is open daily from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm, which is pretty awesome especially if you’re doing your own programming! It’s got all the equipment you need – ski ergs, rowers, assault bike, weight lifting equipment, gymnastic racks, GHDs, etc. On top of that, they have got highly qualified PTs.

There’s a cafe on-site with really good coffee and meals such as protein waffles, omelet, poke salad, chicken with veggies, etc. are of good quality for a reasonable price.

CrossFit Wanderlust offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around 250k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 1,8 mio IDR for Unlimited pass (including both open gym and classes) and 1,2 mio IDR for Open gym only. Members get discounts at associated cafes, restaurants, and spas.


S2S CrossFit on Jl. Raya Semat No. 1 is the first CrossFit affiliate gym in Bali. Unlike its main competitors CrossFit Wanderlust, CrossFit Seminyak and CrossFit Fortitude, it is more a boutique styled gym. It has a fabulous location near the beach and within walking distance to cafes and restaurants. However, it is under-equipped it has only one rower, and no bikes and no ski ergs.

S2S CrossFit offers open gym and class passes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, with bulk and citizen discounts available. The daily pass is around 200k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 1,65 mio IDR.


CrossFit Seminyak on Jl. Drupadi in Seminyak is another CrossFit gem here in Bali! It’s got all the equipment you need. You can choose from a variety of classes CrossFit, Movement, Bootcamp, Mobility, Fundamental, Oly Lifting. The coaches are friendly, funny and interactive. They correct you whenever needed. The gym is open on weekdays from 7 am to 8 pm, and on weekends from 9 am to 6 pm. The box is located in Seminyak prime location near the beach, cafes, and restaurants all within walking distance for your post-workout meal. If I’ve lived in the area I’d make it my gym. 

CrossFit Seminyak offers open gym and class passes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The daily pass is around 250k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 2,1 mio IDR.


CrossFit Fortitude on Jl. Petitenget in Seminyak is another awesome CrossFit box here in Bali. It is the only CrossFit gym on the island with an aircon. The box offers a variety of classes CrossFit, Mobility, Strength, Skill, Fundamentals, and Cardio. The classes are reasonably sized so the coaches do have time to actually coach you unlike in other boxes. Plus the coaches are knowledgeable and super friendly. The equipment is top-notch. The gym is very clean plus they have very nice bathrooms.

Besides the training facilities, there’s a cafe on-site with delicious smoothies and coffee, which you need to try!

CrossFit Seminyak offers open gym and class passes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The daily pass is around $USD, whereas the monthly pass is around $200 USD. Members get discounts at associated cafes, restaurants, hotels, and spas.


Empire Fit Club Bali on Jl.Raya Kedampang overlooking rice paddies has the ultimate Bali vibes! The club specializes in bootcamps and retreats! They speak functional fitness language and have the best obstacle course in Bali! Their classes comprise of bootcamps, bodyweight, strength, circuit, and yoga. Each aimed at making you break a sweat and increasing your strength and aerobic capacity.

The Empire offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around 150k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 1,5 mio IDR for Unlimited (including yoga) and 1,25 mio IDR for Unlimited (excluding yoga). Members get discounts at associated cafes, restaurants, and spas.


Nirvana Strength Bali on Jl. Pantai Berawa is the perfect place to step up your gymnastics, calisthenics and weightlifting game! Their gym is fairly well equipped with an abundance of gymnastic rings, stall bars, parallettes in different heights, and gymnastic parallel bars. They also have an assault bike, rower, and a small lifting corner. Their gymnastic classes focus primarily on mobility, joint pre-habilitation, full-body workouts, and strength. Whereas, their weightlifting classes focus mainly on technique and strength.

There’s an on-site cafe with protein-packed meals and shakes. The quality is good and the prices are reasonable.

Nirvana Strength Bali offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around 250k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 3,2 mio IDR. Hyperbaric Chambers and EMS Lounge are available at an additional cost. Members get discounts at associated cafes, restaurants, and spas.


Bali MMA on Jl. Raya Padonan is the ultimate place on the island for Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai (Thai Box), Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and No-Gi. You will be coached by world-class international trainers in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They have all the equipment you need to get in good training. There’s a full-size boxing ring, where they hold fight nights and tonnes of bags.

If you would love to see some fighting in action check out their website for fight nights. Entry is around 200k IDR.

They also offer meal plans in collaboration with Motion Cafe. 

Bali MMA offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around 250k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 3,5 mio IDR. There is an additional charge of 50k IDR for gloves or GI rental.


Canggu Nest on Jl. Pantai Berawa is a newly open boutique functional fitness with a very feminine vibe. They have multiple classes TRX, Bodyweight, Female Fit, HIIT, Cardio Conditioning, and Strength. Ideal for beginners and intermediate athletes. If you’re an experienced athlete you’d be better off somewhere else. Same as if you love to challenge yourself, get all sweaty and push your limits!

Open gym is most days open only for 4.5 hours starting from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm and then again from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. I personally find this open gym opening hours a bit annoying.

Canggu Nest offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around 200k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 1,6 mio IDR. Members get discounts at associated cafes, restaurants, and spas.


Body Factory Bali on Jl. Nelayan might be the most equipped gym in Bali and the perfect place to train if you’re looking for a place that combines conventional with functional fitness. You can get your workout in the outdoor functional training zone and/or inside the air-conditioned conventional gym. Their equipment is brand new and top-notch, always kept clean by helpful staff. You can choose from a variety of classes and book a PT with a certified coach. The classes include boxing, yoga, stretching and functional fitness. 

Body Factory Bali offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around 250k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 1,65 mio IDR.


Odyssey MVMT on Jl. Subak is more than just a yoga studio. It brings you yoga and functional fitness under one roof. Space is amazing, there’s always a wonderful atmosphere and their classes are lead by incredible and highly skilled coaches. Odyssey MVMT provides a complete holistic approach with their functional and HIIT fitness classes that are aimed at improving your power, strength, and endurance, while their yoga classes are here to help you align your body with your mind.

Odyssey MVMT offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around $18, whereas the monthly pass is around $130. Members get discounts at associated cafes, restaurants, and spas.


Motion Fitness on Jl. Petitenget in Seminyak is a fitness studio with group classes or personal training. The studio offers a variety from classes such as HIIT & Core, Brazilian Boom, Brazilian Circuit, Kettlebell, Functional Training, Fit Ball, TRX, Matt Pilates, and Fit Flow. The coaches are knowledgable, motivating and push you to work harder. They are always attentive and make corrections and slight adjustments to make sure that you are doing the movements right.

Motion Fitness on Jl. Petitenget in Seminyak is a fitness studio with group classes or personal training. The studio offers a variety from classes such as HIIT & Core, Brazilian Boom, Brazilian Circuit, Kettlebell, Functional Training, Fit Ball, TRX, Matt Pilates, and Fit Flow. The coaches are knowledgable, motivating and push you to work harder. They are always attentive and make corrections and slight adjustments to make sure that you are doing the movements right.

Motion Fitness offers daily, weekly, monthly passes. The daily pass is around 150k IDR, whereas monthly pass is around 1,25 mio IDR. 


Whether you want to buy whey protein, plant-based protein, BCAA, creatine, omega 3, etc. Bali Supplements 21 is one of many supplement store and ultimately the best place to buy your supplements in Canggu

Alternatively, you can buy your supplements at CrossFit Wanderlust Bali in Canggu. Unlike in Bali Supplements, their assortment is limited and a bit pricier. They carry primarily PranaON supplements. But hey if you train there and they have what you’re looking for then you might as well save yourself the hustle of driving around in the traffic. 



If you are looking to buy products that you are used to from home your best choice is Pepito. It is the supermarket in Bali. It carries western products like cheese, ham, granola, muesli, almond milk, pasta, bread, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, wine, etc. As most of the products are imported, the price is much higher than you would expect. It usually costs double or triple the price as in western grocery stores, while the quality is not as high. Same is true for the vegetables and fruits, which are usually of lower quality too. Also, alcohol prices in Bali are very high. Especially the wine, which is much higher than in most western countries.


If you are looking to buy veggies and fruits or self-made products you might want to try Samadi Bali Sunday market on Jl. Padang Linjong. However, it might not be much cheaper and you might not find what you’re looking for. The market is open only on Sundays from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. It is closed on other days. 


If you’re looking to buy nuts, dried fruit, and other healthy stuff your best choice would be Green Habit Store in Kerobokan, Alive Wholefoods Store in Canggu, and Bali Buda in Canggu or Bali Buda in Kerobokan. All of these carry a wider assortment of healthy food and slightly cheaper than in Pepito. You can find these in GO-JEK app in GO-SHOP section. All you have to do is tell your driver what you want him to get you and voila you’re all settled.


Remix Juice Bali sells cold press juices, plant-based milk, cleanses and healthy goodies such as granola, butter, energy balls, and nibbles. My favorite one is GREEN VEGGS & BAM.  All of their juices contain no sugar, no added water, and no preservatives. You can buy their goodies in their store in Kerobokan or in Pererenan or through GO-JEK app. 


If you are looking to buy sodas, ice, little snacks, a small piece of fruit, top up your electricity then Alfamart, Indomaret, Coco mart, Circle K would be your top choices. All of these are convenience stores so don’t expect to find a large assortment. Out of these, I prefer Coco mart and Indomaret as they have the widest selection. 


If you wanna go on a shopping spree Canggu is the place. New shops are opening their doors every month. You can find there well-established brands, designer labels and boutique island brands selling clothing, accessories and interior items.

If you’re looking for activewear go to my all-time favorite XO Active located on Jl. Pantai Berawa. They have especially the cutest and coolest high neck bras. 

Other fashion brands to watch out for are Bamboo Blonde, Les.Basics, Crate Concept Store, Cove Island Essentials, Yoli and Otis, Lost In ParadiseThread Farm, and Wanderlust Swim.

If you are looking for decor to your villa or home then you must go to my favorite interior stores Bamboo Living on Jl. Pantai Berawa and Canggu Co on Jl. Pantai Berawa.

Other shops to watch out for is The Locals on Canggu shortcut as the name implies sells clothing design by locals. The store is located on the famous Canggu shortcut

Bamboo Blonde Berawa Store in Canggu
Bamboo Blonde Berawa Store in Canggu


Canggu is booming with digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs! Not only it offers perfect work-life balance but it also has one of the best coworking spaces in the world. The Canggu coworking offices are not your everyday offices. They look like tropical beach houses with Instagrammable interiors, tropical lush gardens, pools and on-site cafes. I put together for you the ultimate guide of the best spots to work as a digital nomad in Canggu, Bali.


When it comes to coworking spaces Canggu’s newest addition, the Tropical Nomad is hands down my favorite! Just imagine a tropical house with a beautiful and trendy interior, plants, spacious architecture, indoor and outdoor seating with an awesome cafe on site! The view over the rice paddies is next level!

The place has an amazing vibe and the whole place is so Instagrammable! Plus the location couldn’t be any better! It is located on the infamous Canggu shortcut just right in the middle of Batu Bolong and Berawa! And just 5 minutes on the bike to beaches! It is right in the middle of everything! Cafes and restaurants are within walking distance if needed. 

They have high-speed internet! Both the staff and other digital nomads are super friendly and helpful! They have also a shower on-site with towel service! Great if you’re coming straight from the gym! The only fault would be ergonomics of the chairs, as they are not suitable for long periods of sitting.

The members have 24/7 access. How convenient is that? They offer 1-day free pass so you can come risk-free and see for yourself if you like it or not. I’m sure you will tho! 😉 The price varies depending on hours. For example, 25 hours costs 700k IDR and Unlimited costs 2,7mio IDR per month.


Dojo Bali is the coworking institution in Bali! These days it is packed with digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. Most of them are very friendly and willing to help each other.

Dojo has a very convenient location just a few minutes from Echo Beach! And is open 24/7. What? Pretty convenient right! 

There’s an awesome cafe on-site! With delicious coffee and other goodies such as açaí bowls, burgers, smoothies and shakes. There’s even a pool on the premises! Yeah, you hear right! A pool surrounded by beanbags and lush garden, where you can take a break! Pretty neat right?

There’s always a workshop or an event happening, which is free to its members. You can choose from toastmasters meetings, photography meetups, members dinner out, members breakfast, public speaking, Bahasa course, mastermind and many more!

It is often crowded so if you are someone like me who likes little distractions and peace and quiet, Dojo is not ideal and you’ll be better of somewhere else.  Also, the chairs are not very comfy and suitable for long periods of sitting which can be a concentration killer.

Unfortunately, they do not offer trial passes. 😞 If you wanna try it out you will need to buy a day pass for 220k IDR. The price varies depending on hours. For example, 30 hours cost 800k IDR and Unlimited costs 2,9mio IDR per month.


Outpost is one of the best coworking spaces in Bali! It has a beach house vibe with modern design and spacious rooms. They might have the comfiest and ergonomic chairs in Canggu, mixed with chilled out beanbags and couches.

The comfy office chairs make Outpost the most productive space in Canggu. They have it all both AC and non-AC rooms, private offices for teams and booths for Skype and conference calls. There’s a swimming pool on-site which you can hit for an afternoon swim as well as a cafe.

The location is perfect! It is within walking distance to restaurants and cafes, yes one of my favorites Nude is nearby, where you can go for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or just get a kickass coffee. It is a few minutes drive from the beach, where you can catch some waves or go for a sunset session.

The Outpost organizes great events and weekend trips which differ every week. Aside from coworking space, they offer co-living housing located five minutes from coworking space by scooter. Each room is equipped with a bed, en-suite bathroom, AC and desk. There are a communal kitchen and lounge overlooking the garden and pool.

Unfortunately, they do not offer trial passes. 😞 If you wanna try it out you will need to buy a day pass for 220k IDR. The price varies depending on hours. For example, 25 hours costs 680k IDR and Unlimited costs 2,7mio IDR per month.



The Lawn is the place to go especially on Friday night! That’s when Canggu’s finest come for the best beats in town! They have a wide selection of cocktails as well as signature cocktails! From their classics selection, you gotta try espresso martini! It is very good! And from their signature cocktails, you gotta try Coco Lemon Gin! It is very yummy too! The Lawn is one of my favorite places. So when I go out this is where you will most likely find me.

Don’t be mistaken tho, the Lawn is not a hit only on Friday nights! Also, it’s a great place to stay throughout the day. You can chill in the infinity pool, sip on your drink and have food all while watching surfers rip waves on the spot located just in front of the beach club. Oh, and it’s a perfect place to watch the sunset too. Plus you can stay late into the night with cocktails and delicious food. 


Old Man’s is a hip beer garden located just in front of a Batu Bolong Beach. It is famous for its ‘Dirty Old’ Wednesday nights with drinking games, such a beer pong, and late-night dancing on a table. It’s a hit on other nights too with live bands playing a wide selection of genres and DJs spinning. It’s a great place to come for sunset when they have happy hours 2 for 1 from 5 pm until 6 pm. They serve a variety of drinks and food. Tho it is not necessarily the best place to eat out, but it all comes down to your personal preference.

Old Man’s is a hip beer garden located just in front of a Batu Bolong Beach. It is famous for its ‘Dirty Old’ Wednesday nights with drinking games, such a beer pong, and late-night dancing on a table. It’s a hit on other nights too with live bands playing a wide selection of genres and DJs spinning. It’s a great place to come for sunset when they have happy hours 2 for 1 from 5 pm until 6 pm. They serve a variety of drinks and food. Tho it is not necessarily the best place to eat out, but it all comes down to your personal preference.


Lost City is the newest addition to the Canggu night club scene. It offers 2 bars, 9 VIP booths and a capacity of 800 people spread over 2 floors. The venue hosts artistic design elements from both local and international artists. The music is performed by the best local and international DJ’s. They spin all sorts of tunes ranging from hip-hop to house and techno. Lost City is equipped with state of the art lighting and audio system.


The Vault is a bunker-like late nigh bar located in Berawa. It is a Bali home to international underground house DJs. Especially on Fridays as Saturdays are for hip hop. You will get to the club through a dark cavernous passageway, the bunker door concealed by heavy red velvet drapes. The Vault is described as an underground venue with Berlin like vibes. However, as underground party-goers and house music lovers, I kind of have to disagree. It defo has elements of a mainstream party. Though to be fair The Vault is the most underground as Bali gets. It has a really good sound system and it’s open from Monday to Sunday from 8 pm to 3 am.


Pretty Poison on Canggu shortcut is literally a skate bar. Build as an honor to Dogtown days. What marks the bar is the big skate-bowl that has been built by scratch along with the rest of the bar. Mondays are movie nights. Tuesdays feature open mics and vinyl. Thursdays are when the real fun goes down! Yes, I’m talking about those famous skate jams performed by both local and foreign skaters, and live bands and DJ sets. Oh and if you are brave enough and if it is your jam you can get a tattoo done onsite. Pretty Poison is one of my favorite places! So when I go out this is where you will most likely find me.


Below is a guide to everything you need to know before traveling to Bali, including visa, travel insurance, Revolut and Transferwise cards, and how to get around, apps you absolutely must have, and other useful information on the internet, local SIM Card and how to stay safe.

  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Currency
  • Bali Police Tips and Tricks
  • Getting Around
  • ATM
  • Currency Exchange
  • Apps You Absolutely Must Have
  • Internet
  • Local SIM Card
  • Bali Belly
  • Power Plugs and Sockets
  • Laundry
  • Electricity Top Ups
  • Things To Be Aware of When In Bali – Staying Safe in Bali


Here you will find all the information about Indonesia visa, Bali visa requirements, Bali visa cost, Bali entry cost, Bali visa extension, and visa agent Bali and agent costs.

Indonesia has with 169 countries visa exemption (you can check if you are eligible for the visa exemption here http://topbali.com/indonesia-free-visa-entry/), in other words, you can stay in Indonesia for 30 days without needing a visa. However, double-check with Indonesian embassy/consulate in your country if you are eligible for the visa exemption.

Nonetheless, to enter Indonesia, make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity and at least one blank page for entry into Indonesia.

Another thing to keep in mind is the visa-free entry cannot be extended. Once it is up you have to leave Indonesia. If you wish to stay longer than 30 days you’ve got a few options – Visa on Arrival or Tourist and Social Visa – depending on how long you want to stay in Indonesia.


If you wish to stay in Bali between 30-60 days you must apply for the Visa on Arrival at the airport at the Visa on Arrival counter (located just in front of the immigration line) in order for you to be able to extend it to a 60 day visa at the immigration office Denpasar City or Jimbaran.

The Visa on Arrival will cost you 500k IDR equivalent to 35$. Please note that credit/debit cards are not accepted. So have your cash ready. You should be fine with USD, EUR, and IDR. 

I highly recommend you to use an agent to do the extension for you. In general single extension costs around 950k IDR equivalent to 65$. If you wish to stay longer than 60 days you will need to do a visa run. The best and cheapest locations for you to do your visa run are Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Read tricks and tips on Kuala Lumpur here and Singapore here.


However, if you’re planning to stay longer than 60 days I highly recommend you to apply either for a tourist visa or social visa (B-211) for a fee 55$ at an Indonesian embassy/consulate in your home country or outside of Indonesia. In order to apply, you will need to fulfill certain requirements. Note that certain consulates have on top of these additional requirements.

Social visa allows you to stay in Indonesia for 60 days. It can be extended up to 4 times every 30 days at the immigration office located either in Denpasar City or Jimbaran. In order to extend your visa, you cannot leave Indonesia. If you do your visa will be void.

I highly recommend you to hire an agent to do the extension for you. It is much faster and much more convenient than doing it yourself. In general single extension costs around 950k IDR equivalent to 65$. Effective May 2019, if you exceed 30 days, for each extra day you will pay a penalty 1 mio IDR equivalent to approx. 70$.

The agency that I use is ChannelOne and all my visa extensions are handled by Pak Lalu +62 818-0552-5501.


You will need to go to the immigration office just once to get your picture and fingerprints taken, so you will save valuable time from going back and forth to the immigration office. FYI when you apply on your own you will need to go to the office at least 3 times. When in the immigration office you will save time waiting in a queue because your agent will hand you a number and tell you to wait until that number is called. Usually, it will take between 10-15 minutes until your number is called. Most importantly you will save yourself from paperwork hustle. 


  • Passports valid for at least six months at the date of entry
  • A copy of the main page of the passport
  • A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you apply for a Visa
  • Package of documents from your sponsor stating that he/she is responsible for you during your stay in Indonesia
  • A completed visa form
  • Copy of ticket to Indonesia
  • 2 passport photos 3x4cm.


  • Bank statement to guarantee the availability of funds for covering the expenses
  • Return or onward ticket (to any destination booked for a date no later than 180 days after your date of entry into Indonesia)
  • A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you apply for a Visa

Therefore, the exact package of documents is better to specify in advance in your consulate. It takes 2-5 working days to get a Social Visa including applying day.


Insurance might single-handedly be the most important thing when you’re traveling. My mantra is if you don’t have the money to buy your travel insurance then don’t travel. I have claimed my travel insurance multiple times and it has saved me a significant amount of money. Without it, I would be screwed.

As a European Union citizen, I don’t need extra travel insurance when traveling within the EU. However, whenever I travel outside of the EU I always buy travel insurance. There is no discussion about it. It’s my top priority. The travel insurance that I use is either AXA or World Nomads. Depending on the location where I’m traveling to or activities I’ll be doing.


The official currency of Indonesia is Rupiah (Rp). The currency code is IDR. It is issued and controlled by the Bank of Indonesia. As of July 2019, the exchange rate is approximately $1 USD = 14,000 IDR, €1 EUR = 15,945 IDR.

The obnoxious thing about the Indonesian money is that the largest banknote is only 100,000 IDR, which is approximately $7 and €6.3. So you will end up carrying around a massive stack of bills! But hey at least there you can be a millionaire in no time!  

A word of advice, make sure you have enough cash when traveling to remote places! The chances are high that you will not be able to pay by card, find an ATM or currency exchange.

The current rupiah consists of coins from 100 rupiah up to 1,000 rupiah and banknotes of 1,000 rupiah up to 100,000 rupiah.


The local Police (Polisi) just loves to harass foreigners (bules). It’s a well-known fact! Plus they love to overcharge foreigners on every little thing. Even though you haven’t broken the law they will make some BS reason to give you a fine.

Here are some tips to avoid being pulled over:

  • wear a helmet
  • don’t wear a bikini
  • wear a shirt

When pulled over make sure you have the International Riding License. You’ll need to get this in your home country and this is a basic requirement for driving in Indonesia. If you’re not able to present the International Riding License then you’re driving illegally. So expect to get fined. However, do not pay more than 200,000 IDR. If you pay more, the money goes straight to his pocket. 

Another very useful tip is always to ride with a 50,000 IDR note in your pocket for quick handing over. If they try to overcharge you, you can then easily say that you do not have that kind of money and that you only have 50k IDR no more. In case you’re driving around with more cash have it stashed separately. Same applies to your credit/debit card. Otherwise, they will try to take it away from you. If possible, don’t get your wallet out. Even better have a second wallet with only 50k IDR for these kinds of purposes and have the other wallet with more cash and credit/debit card stashed separately. 


One thing you need to know about Bali is traffic there is crazy! It is so hectic and chaotic, but yet there is a system in the chaos. The average speed is around 20-30 km/h. Driving a short distance, for example, 18km can easily take you between 1-2 hours. So armor yourself with patience. More often than not you will find yourself stuck in traffic inhaling pollution coming out of the exhaustion system. Honestly, I don’t think the locals have ever heard of the word emissions and the effect of emissions on human health.

Without a doubt, the best way of getting around is a bike. It is the most convenient means of transportation. Unlike in a car you can avoid or limit your exposure to heavy traffic. Though don’t be mistaken you will breathe in a lot of pollution. Bali is one of the top places on the Earth with the lowest air quality and with one of the highest air pollution.


Renting a bike is relatively cheap. You will pay around 700k IDR per month (50$) or 70k IDR per day (5$) including a helmet. If they ask you to pay more don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price and bargain. In Canggu area, I rent a bike from this Ketut +62 813 381 211 56. Drop him a message on WhatsApp and tell him that Teresa recommended you. 


If you don’t feel comfortable driving a bike, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. You can also rent a car. Renting a car without a driver will costs you around 3.5 mio IDR per month, depending on the model and your negotiating skills. The guy that I use is called Putu and his phone number is +62 813 3819 3226. Send him a message on WhatsApp and tell him that Teresa recommended you. 


You can also use GO-JEK or GRAB apps. You can download them easily from the App Store or Google Play on your phone. GO-JEK is a miracle app, you can find more info here. I highly advise you to use an Indonesian phone number as oftentimes you need to be online to communicate with the driver. Yep, sometimes it can be a hustle to communicate with the driver. After all, you are in Indonesia. But don’t worry after a while you’ll get used to it. You can pay by cash or Go-pay, which I have never used as I always pay by cash.

Personally, I like GO-JEK better. It’s usually cheaper than GRAB. However, it is useful to have both as in remote locations it might be difficult to find a driver so by having both you are increasing your chances of finding a ride. As the last resort, you can get a local taxi, but they like to overcharge bules A LOT.


Another way of getting around is by hiring a driver. I recommend you to hire a driver for pick-up from the airport as when you arrive chances are you will not have a local sim card with internet data and thus getting a GO-JEK or GRAB can become tricky. Obviously you can buy a sim card at the airport, though I wouldn’t recommend it as it is overpriced. Also, you can use the airport Wi-Fi but it has a small reach and is not accessible from the pick-up/drop-off area. So finding your driver can easily become a hustle. 

I highly recommend you to hire a driver for daily trips and long-distance trips on the island. The traffic in Bali is crazy and exhausting so hiring a driver is a safer and more convenient and comfortable option. 

Here are the drivers that I use Paul +62 813 532 054 53 and Dwi +62 851 07512533. Paul is my favorite he speaks English and a little bit of Czech. Don’t be a stranger and text him on WhatsApp and tell him that Teresa. 


ATMs are generally easy to find. However, to find an ATM which doesn’t skim your information is not as easy. Indonesia is one of the countries known for ATM scams. So be cautious. When using ATMs, stick to ones that are attached to a bank as random ATMs on the street or in convenience stores have been known to skim people’s information.


To add an extra level of security I recommend you to use either Transferwise or Revolut prepaid Mastercard / Visa. Both of these allow you to instantly top your prepaid card with your credit or debit card and to easily and instantly transfer money between Revolut accounts.

They have more favorable exchange rates and less or no withdrawal fees. Both Transferwise and Revolut give you instant access to a multi-currency bank account. Your whole Transferwise and Revolut account is managed from an app, which you can download with only a few clicks from App Store and Google Play. The app is super convenient as you get instant spending notifications, enhanced security with the ability to enable/disable contactless payment, ATM withdrawals, swipe payments, etc. Ideal when traveling abroad, and especially valuable when you’re traveling in countries known for ATM scams.

I’m a huge advocate and use both Transferwise and Revolut. You can signup for the Revolut card here and Transferwise card here.


Here is a list of ATMs that I take my cash:
BCA ATM on Berawa 
HSBC ATM on Batu Bolong
BNI ATM on Batu Bolong
BNI ATM next to Pertamina Gas Station in Pererenan
CIMB ATM in front of Pepito in Pererenan


There’s a lot of currency exchange places in Bali, especially in the tourist hot spots. Similarly, as with the ATM scams Bali is well-known for currency exchange scams. They just love to make an extra dough by scamming tourists. 

I can’t really recommend you a good currency exchange place, but I can give you a word of advice. Never go to a place where the exchange rate is too good compared to other places. It’s usually a sign that in order to maintain such a good exchange rate they need to scam tourists. Always be the last one to count the money! I cannot stress this one enough! Once you count it don’t let them touch the money. They have their tricks and you can be almost sure that if they take it back to recount it after you have count they will drop the money behind the counter and give you back less money. 


GO-JEK app is an absolute must! I can’t imagine being in Bali and not using the app! I personally use it every day! It’s a lifesaver!

Need a ride? Are you starving and wanna have your food delivered to your door? Need to clean your villa? Want to bring a masseuse right to your doorstep? Want to have your hair and nails done in the comfort of your home? Need to have your grocery shopping done? GO-JEK can get these done for you and many more! Be aware that for all the services you need to pay in cash! GO-JEK is usually cheaper than GRAB. However, I advise having both just in case.

GRAB is another app that you must have in your arsenal. It in 2018 took over UBER Southeast Asian operations. Similarly, as GO-JEK you can hail a ride through the app without the hustle. You can order food for delivery and take care of your bills. However, unlike GO-JEK, GRAB provides a limited number of services. Be aware that for all the services you need to pay in cash!

You can download the GO-JEK app and GRAB app easily from the App Store or Google Play on your phone. I highly advise you to use an Indonesian phone number as oftentimes you need to be online to communicate with the driver.


If you’re a digital nomad or you’re looking for a place to start your remote work style then Canggu is the place to be. There is a lot of coworking spaces and more cafes than you can think of with great wifi! Giving you tons of options to set up your office and be productive.

 Most of the villas, guesthouses, hostels, hotels, coworking spaces, cafes, and restaurants have optic fiber so Wi-Fi speed is not an issue. 


I buy SIM card from Smartfren and usually opt for the 30-day Unlimited Internet option for around 75,000 IDR ($53). The price may slightly vary between shops. The internet on SIM card usually works fine. However, in some remote places, beaches, etc., it might not work at all. Oh, and you know what you can watch Netflix on Smartfren without any restrictions. Pretty convenient, right?

Because I stay in Bali for multiple months I usually opt for SIM card top-up. That way you don’t have to change your phone in GO-JEK, Tokopedia, Grab, and any other app associated with your Indonesian phone number. Ultra-convenient! 😉 


You may experience issues logging in and watching Netflix in Bali. This is because Netflix is blocked by Telkom (IndiHome) a government-owned company and one of the largest Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Indonesia.

The reasons why Telkom is blocking Netflix is quite simple, they have shares in Netflix’s Asian competitor and therefore they want to force you to subscribe to their own service. If you want to watch Netflix avoid Telkom and choose First Media, Indosat or Biznet. 

If your Netflix account refuses to connect, don’t despair there is an easy solution.  All you have to do is subscribe to a VPN. Not only will it allow you to bypass geographic restrictions on websites, but it will shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi and provide you with anonymity. Pretty awesome, right? And these are only many perks of using a VPN. For a few years now, I’ve been using VPN and never had any issues. 


In case you are wondering what Bali Belly is, it is essentially an upset stomach or travelers’ diarrhea. In other words, it is an acute case of gastroenteritis, gastro for short. Practically in all cases, it is caused by contaminated food or water.


To limit your exposure to Bali Belly, always look at the standards of the restaurant you’re eating. On top of that:

  • Try to stay away from street food and local warungs
  • Choose places that are popular. Stay away from food that tastes funny
  • Only drink bottled or filtered water
  • Make sure your tea, coffee, or juices are made with bottled or boiled water
  • Be vigilant about washing your hands and using a hand sanitizer
  • Make sure to wash your fruit and veggies with bottled or boiled water


The typical Bali Belly symptoms generally involve diarrhea. It can also include

  • nausea
  • abdominal bloating, cramps and pain
  • lack of energy
  • fever or mild temperature
  • headaches
  • bloody stools

In most of the cases, Bali Belly lasts within 24-42 hours and then it goes away. 


I hope you haven’t been struck down with Bali Belly when reading this. Unfortunately, if you have, here are some general tips to help you get rid of Bali Belly

  • drink plenty of bottled water to help stay hydrated
  • drink oral rehydration drinks to replace lost salts and minerals from your body
  • if necessary and if instructed by your doctor, take antibiotics such as Ciprofloxacin and Ercefuryl to help kill a bacterial infection – I recommend you to pick up a pre-assembled first-aid kit 
  • avoid alcohol, spicy and dairy foods as this can worsen diarrhea
  • seek medical advice from a doctor

You should seek medical advice if your symptoms last for more than 48 hours without receding.


Oftentimes, people find it difficult to have any solids for 1-3 days and they find it easier to stick to water and herbal or black tea. This is quite normal, but try to eat and stick to a bland diet. Eat easily digestible foods such as

  • bananas – a great source of potassium which is lost during vomiting and diarrhea 
  • soups and stews
  • potatoes
  • rice
  • bananas

Also, listen to your body and cravings, usually it will steer you in the right direction.


Indonesia uses European-style two-pin round plugs. As a traveler, one of the best investments you can make is to get a worldwide travel adapter that will work anywhere in the world you go to. I personally use this one, and can’t recommend it enough. 


One of the amazing perks of traveling or living in Bali is that you no longer have to do your own laundry. It is very cheap to get your laundry done. You can drop it in a local laundromat. It costs around 10k IDR ($0.7) per kg. When you pick it up your laundry will be ironed and folded. 

However, you might need to try a few laundromats to find a reliable one. It is not uncommon that they lose your stuff, especially socks, and to find stains on your clothes. Plus you can say goodbye to eco-friendly detergents, the ones they normally use are very chemical. In some places they like to use driers, so you might want to tell them in advance that you do not want them to use driers on your clothes, especially your sports clothes and delicate clothing. Well if you want to prevent them from shrinking. 

The laundry I use in Canggu is Laundry 2 Go on Jl. Pantai Berawa. I never have experienced any issue. Such as my clothes shrinking or having my clothes lost.


If you’re renting a place longterm chances are you are responsible for your electricity bill. In Indonesia, it means that you will need to top up your electrometer once it starts beeping. You can buy refills at various mini markets (Indomaret), the post office, and an ATM machine, where you will be issued a token number (a 20 digit number). Input this number to your electrometer and voila you’re set!


Bali is reasonably safe but that’s not to say it’s 100% safe. Note that only a few places in the world actually are. 

Bali is famous for pickpocketing, ATM and money exchange scams, ripping off foreigners, fake and counterfeit alcohol, strong currents and earthquakes

After all, both Indonesia and Bali are on the Ring of Fire, also referred to as the Circum-Pacific Belt, an area of the highest seismic activity. Just in 2018, Indonesia has experienced an earthquake in Lombok, a devastating tsunami in Sulawesi followed by another tsunami in Western Java and South Sumatra. 

Bali itself is home to two active volcanoes – Mt Agung and Mt Batur – with eruptions happening frequently, which can have an impact on tourism. For example in 2017 when Mt Agung erupted all flights out of the country were grounded, leaving over 120,000 people stranded. 

In summer and early fall, 2018 tourists and residents of Bali experienced a series of earthquakes with rumbling of the earth, falling tiles, crashing sounds, and spraying water. However, most of the time the natural disasters will go unnoticed. People still go on with their lives while tourists still have a really good time.


  • Be aware of water contamination and pollution. Only drink bottled water. If you travel with your reusable water bottle, refill it only with filtered water. Otherwise, buy a reusable water bottle with filter to fill it with none filtered water.
  • Be aware of earthquakes. Know what to do during an earthquake helps a lot 
  • Watch out for strong currents, especially in Bukit. The strong currents can easily take you on the open sea. Swimming against the current will do you no good. Instead, swim out of it, swim either up, down or to the left or right of it
  • Be aware of eruptions and tsunamis. Bali is in the Ring of Fire where volcano eruptions and tsunamis are nothing uncommon. Know what to do when a tsunami strikes in Bali
  • I cannot stress this enough, wear your helmet, whenever you are driving or riding on a bike
  • Don’t take your phone out on a bike. Oftentimes passing locals on their bike rip phones straight out of tourist’s hands and drive away. All you can do is say bye to your phone, your pictures, and other invaluable data
  • Be aware of rip-offs. Locals just love to overcharge bules (foreigners). When there is no fixed price always negotiate a lower price. Tho chances are you will still be overcharged
  • Watch your belongings, especially in tourist areas, beaches, bars, and clubs. This is where most pickpocketing and bag snatching occurs
  • Watch your credit card and debit card. Yes ATM scams are a real thing in Bali. Protect yourself and use either Transferwise or Revolut prepaid Mastercard / Visa
  • Keep an eye on your cash when exchanging money. Money exchanges love to scam tourists. Always be the last one to count the money
  • Avoid walking or driving alone in the middle of the night as it’s when attacks and assaults mostly happen 
  • Watch out for street dogs. Bali is not a rabies-free country, so be careful who you pet
  • Stay away from monkeys as they can be pretty aggressive and may have rabies
  • Be careful of mosquitoes bites for they can transmit various diseases such as dengue fever


  • Watch for fake and counterfeit alcohol. In the past, there have been massive scandals involving people dying due to alcohol being contaminated with methanol
  • Drugs are illegal and not taken lightly in Bali. Drugs are a serious crime which can lead to the death penalty. So stay away from them

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