Are you planning your holiday or better yet are you planning to travel the world? Well, then my friend you’ve got some exciting times ahead. And I’m so happy and delighted you chose my site to get your information on the travel essentials.

Traveling is literally in my blood. I’ve been traveling ever since I can remember, read ever since I was a little kid, and in the past few years I have been constantly on the road. Going from one place to another, from one adventure to another. So throughout the years, I have learned the best tricks and hacks to make the most of my travels. In these travel essentials, I share them with you.



Travel Essentials Stay Organized

This is one of the most important things when traveling. Make sure to do your research. Check if there is a visa requirement for the country you’re traveling to. Also, check if there is a special vaccination requested as sometimes it can take months to get all the shots you need.

Moreover, make sure to plan your trip. Choose the dates when you would like to leave and potentially come back. Then book your flights accordingly. For more about flights see this section. Also, make sure to put down the places you would like to visit and allocate a time framework you would like to spend there. However, allow yourself enough time to be spontaneous. 😉 That’s usually when I find the best places.

And above all, don’t forget to buy travel insurance. I can’t stress this enough. I personally use and recommend World Nomads.


Travel Essentials Book Your Flights in Advance

Getting your flights sorted should be on top of your travel essentials items. Because leaving the purchase of your tickets last minute can be pricey. The best time to book your flights is usually 1.5-3 months in advance. That’s normally when you find the best deals. Some people, I personally know a few, buy tickets one year in advance. Yes, the prices may be good but you never know what will be in a year’s time and your flexibility and availability may change. Thus, it can completely hinder your travels.

Also buying a ticket last minute will most likely not get you the best price unless you want to fly last minute and don’t really care about the location. Maybe you have been looking for a flight ticket over a span of few days and have seen the price constantly change, one day it might be up, another day down and the next up again. Well, to be honest with you the flight tickets are constantly changing and there is no formula to get the best price.

Luckily, there are some search engines and comparison sites that will help you on your quest of finding the best price. I personally recommend Skyscanner.com.


Travel insurance is the most important travel essentials. Honestly, I can’t stress this enough. Buy travel insurance. If you don’t have the money to buy one, then don’t travel. I freaking mean it. If something happens to you, you get sick or hurt, and you’re not insured the medical expenses can easily skyrocket.

I speak from my personal experience. Shit does happen. Especially if you want to be active on your holiday or during your travels. I broke my pelvis while snowboarding in Switzerland and the medical expenses were so high that I couldn’t afford them myself. However, luckily I had travel insurance and thus had one less thing to worry about.

The travel insurance that I personally use and recommend is World Nomads. Make sure to get yourself one before you embark on your journey.


Travel Tips Travel in Group

A great way to limit your spendings is by traveling in a group. Because when you’re traveling in a group you can easily share your expenses and split your bills. For example, you can book a shared apartment, split car rental and fuel costs, get discounts on entrance fees and many more.

This is especially helpful in expensive countries such as Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, and the USA.


Travel Tips Don't Overpack

Overpacking tends to be rookie travelers’ mistake, but it is not only limited to them. I personally like to bring all of my hair products wherever I go as I find it quite difficult to find good hair products on the go.

That being said, I get that when you’re traveling to be active, like going skiing or surfing, you need to pack your gear, which ultimately takes a lot of space. Even if you’re traveling for just a weekend. I personally travel with at least two sets of skis. One for off-piste and one for freestyle in a park and on slopes. Sometimes I even take my alpine touring ski with me, but it depends on where I’m going. Consequently, I might be bringing with me two sets of ski boots. Then count in a helmet, spine and back protector, goggles, ski bag, airbag backpack, shovel, avalanche beacon, probe … well, you get the picture. I end up having so much stuff and there’s nothing I can do about it.

However, if you’re traveling to warm and sunny places, and especially to Asia, I strongly encourage you to pack light. You will do just fine with a few pieces of clothing and the most important cosmetics, the rest you can buy relatively cheap on the go if needed.


Travel Tips Pack First Aid Kit

One of the most important travel essentials is definitely the first aid kit. Even if you have travel insurance, the first aid kit will come in handy as you will be able to treat/manage minor incidents without the need to go to a pharmacy and hospital. The incidents can include diarrhea, sore throat, cuts or muscle spasm.

Part of my first aid kit is basic antibiotics, kinesio tape, pain killers, muscle pain relief cream, diarrhea pills, plasters, antihistamines, gauze, and antimalaria pills when traveling to countries in Southeast Asia and Africa.


Power banks are a great way to keep your devices charged, especially if you’re on the go or exposed to extreme temperatures. I don’t know how about you but sometimes when I’m skiing and it’s around or below 0°C my iPhone seems to be running out of battery much quicker and sometimes without an external power source it just dies. That’s why I have invested in a power bank and take it with me on my ski trips.

Also, the power bank comes in handy on long plane, bus and train rides. There’s nothing worse than not being able to kill your time by listening to music or watching a movie while on a go.

I strongly recommend buying a power bank with multiple USB ports so you can charge several devices at the same time.


Travel Essentials GoPro

Depending on your travel adventure, activities involved and baggage allowance you might consider to travel with your full electronic equipment. Tho don’t stress about it. These shouldn’t be on top of your travel essentials list.

I personally love to travel with my camera and GO-PRO so I can capture the best moments in high quality. I especially love GO-PRO for action pictures and videos. Nothing beats GO-PRO if you want videos and pictures when you’re in motion or underwater.

Moreover, if your budget allows, I highly encourage you to buy DJI Mavic drone. The quality is unbeatable and the videoes and pictures you will get are just epic. There’s nothing like having a video from a bird’s eye perspective. Honestly, it’s just the next level.

If you have a limited baggage allowance or limited budget, don’t despair. These day’s smartphones are equipped with kick-ass cameras, so bringing other electronic equipment might not be necessary to score that awesome picture of a video.


Comfortable shoes Adidas NMD

There’s nothing worse than sightseeing, hiking, trekking, and training in uncomfortable shoes. Not only they will not allow you to perform at your best they might cause you pain and give you blisters too. Consequently, my friend, comfortable shoes should be on top of your travel essentials checklist.

Personally, I love Vans shoes. However, I cannot wear them for a long period of time. They cause me so much pain and give me blisters. So I wear them only for certain occasions which don’t involve heavy walking.

For city sightseeing, I love to wear Adidas sneakers. I literally love them. I think they make the most stylish and comfiest kicks for everyday wear. My personal favorite Adidas kicks are NMD. At home, I have around 5 pairs in different colors and different designs. Followed by Ultraboost and Primeknit.

When it comes to training, my favorite shoes are Reebok Nano 8.0. They are one of the comfiest training shoes that I have ever owned and which allow me to perform at my best. Similarly, as with NMD I own multiple pairs in different colors.

Whereas, for trekking and hiking I like shoes from Mammut. Their shoes are super comfy and of high quality. On top of that, most of their models are waterproof.


Travel Essentials Local Cuisine

Local food is definitely a big part of the cultural experience when traveling. Honestly, there aren’t many things in the world that would beat indulging on French cheese and wine in the French Alps, Italian prosecco and prosciutto crudo in the Amalfi coast and feta cheese and olives in Santorini in Greece.

I’m a foodie. So I guess it comes as no surprise that one thing I love about traveling is trying the local food. I just love how each country has its own flavor, national dish and uses different spices. Hence, different countries equal to different flavors and culinary experiences.

Besides, eating local food can save you some serious money. This applies primarily to countries in Southeast Asia where eating in western cafes and restaurants can get quite pricey. Moreover, when you have that coffee or food in a local cafe or restaurant you’re also being a socially responsible tourist. And are essentially supporting local businesses and economies.